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The British brand will not be in the Geneva Motor Show, but even so chose the occasion to present a novelty. This is the Range Rover Sentinel, its new and very well protected armored model. There are more and more wealthy people in the world. Which means, among other things, that there are more and more targets for criminals. Knowing this, Range Rover has introduced its new model to carry members of governments and state entities, senior executives, and probably even some criminals who have a gun pointed at their head. So that all these could walk the streets without worrying about being the last trip of his life, was born the Range Rover Sentinel.

To ensure high levels of protection, this vehicle received more than one tonne of equipment and new components. This includes everything from body armor, bulletproof glass, explosion-proof roofing and emergency escape system. As might be expected, this required a review of the chassis, suspension and braking system to deal with the heavy task ahead of them without prejudice to off-road capabilities. To be able to escape dangerous and extreme situations, this Range Rover Sentinel was equipped with a new engine. This is the V8 5.0 Supercharged with 380 hp, which allows the heavy vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.4 seconds. This is not a great time, but if you take into account the extra ton of protections in your weight, and you probably have to carry two or three more than 100 kg of safety, besides the driver and the customer, it’s not bad either . There are still some very curious specs on this vehicle. The run-flat tire system, which allows you to run 50 km at speeds up to 80 km / h if your tire is stuck by bullets or shrapnel. Then there are the lights and the system to communicate with the pedestrians asking them to step aside to create a perimeter of safety. And there is also a system to lower the front glass in 150 mm, something that, says the mark, is for the Range Rover Sentinel to deliver documents. However it seems that this opening may have other functions, such as responding to the bullet to anyone trying to attack the armored SUV.


The Range Rover Evoque 2020 has finally been revealed after months of continuous development, an SUV that has been able to market more than 772,000 units since it was first launched in the year 2011. This second generation features an evolved design on a new platform, mild engines hybrid and high technological endowment. Seen on numerous occasions, the Range Rover Evoque offers an evolved image based on the current generation’s design, but inspired by the latest releases from the British manufacturer such as the Range Rover Velar and the iconic Range Rover Sport. Of these two inherits the new Matrix LED headlights, the rear optical frame joined by a black belt that measures the width of the vehicle, and the retractable door knobs. It also features the most pronounced shoulders and muscular arches with wheels between 17 and 21 inches.

Built on the new ‘Premium Transverse Architecture’ platform of mixed materials from Land Rover, the new Range Rover Evoque 2020 gains interior space that is reflected in the area of ​​the legs and in the increase of spaces porta-objects. This is a result of the 20 mm increase in wheelbase, which also contributed to the fact that the trunk is 10% larger than its predecessor, with 591 liters of expandable volume capacity up to 1,383 liters. banks in asymmetric format 40-20-40. The interior of the new Evoque 2020 offers new clean, coreless surfaces with premium materials, according to the manufacturer. It also premiered new tapestries, such as mixing Kvadrat wool with fabrics made of Eucalyptus and Ultrafabrics. These new upholstery cover electrically adjustable seats in 16 positions and other interior surfaces, contrasting with the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system’s dual screen and digital cockpit. The Range Rover Evoque 2020 was developed under ‘Smart Settings’, an artificial intelligence that allows you to adjust different parameters of the vehicle to suit the needs of the car, something that the system will learn from using. Among the more advanced systems we find ClearSight, an interior rear-view mirror that is an HD screen that projects the images captured by a flap camera over the ceiling, and Groud View technology that allows you to create a 180-degree image of the ground underneath the through the multimedia system screen.

At the same time, the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system consists of a 10-inch and 12.3-inch dual screen, complemented by a digital cockpit and a color Head-Up Display. It offers compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, six USB ports and 4G Wi-Fi connection, as well as integration of the smartphone into the car interface through the InControl Remote application, which allows the owner to manage different aspects of his Evoque through the mobile phone. In addition, as standard, all versions of the new Evoque 2020 are equipped with a rear view camera and a long list of driver assistance systems, including adaptive cruise control with steering assistant, track maintenance, autonomous emergency braking system and driver status monitor, among others. The new Range Rover Evoque is available with up to six different Ingenium engines. Three diesel engines are offered on the same basis, a 2.0 Td4 of 150, 180 and 240 hp, as well as three other petrol engines, a 2.0 Si4 with 200, 250 and 300 hp of power. All are available with mild hybrid technology with a 48-volt system (except for the manual 2.0 Td4 150-hp front-wheel drive), as well as all-wheel drive and a nine-speed ZF automatic transmission. The mild hybrid systems are capable of storing the energy generated during deceleration and braking on a lithium-ion battery under the car floor. The Range Rover Evoque 2020 shuts off its engine when it travels below 17 km / h and during braking to reduce emissions, while the electrical energy stored in the battery is used as support for the combustion engine in accelerations, which helps reduce consumption.

Land Rover has confirmed that this technology serves as a basis for the arrival of the hybrid Evoque plug-in (PHEV) version by 2020. Meanwhile, doing the honors of Range Rover philosophy, the new generation is more capable than ever off the asphalt. Its design facilitates a ground clearance of 212 mm, a crossing capacity of 600 mm, an angle of attack of 22.2 degrees and an angle of exit of 30.6 degrees. To support its off-road performance, Land Rover has integrated a series of specially developed systems, such as Terrain Response 2 with four modes of driving (comfort, sand, grass-gravel-snow and mud & roots), as well as Hill Descent Control, Gradient Release Control and All-Terrain Progress Control. Added to this is the Adaptative Dynamics system, which joins the improved Evoque suspension to monitor road conditions through sensors; Active Driveline for torque distribution between axes; and the Driveline Disconnect to unplug the four-wheel drive system in road driving situations, reducing friction and improving fuel economy. The new Range Rover Evoque 2020 is now available for ordering from the European Land Rover Official Dealer Network in 4 × 4 wheel drive versions, available starting at 50,000 euros (S finish of 150 hp automatic), and with the arrival at markets expected from March 2019. The 4 × 2 versions will arrive from September 2019 with an output price starting at 40,000 euros in its base finish, with 150 hp and manual transmission.


If there is something for which the Land Rover is known as an automobile brand, it is precisely because of its commitment to the premium SUV segment for nearly 50 years. Now, as a benchmark in the industry and with a broad line of vehicles with these features, arrives at the Geneva Motor Show to unveil its new premium SUV coupe, the Range Rover SV Coupe. Despite the name it was christened, the hood and the bottom area of ​​the rear cover are the only exterior elements it shares with the common Range Rover, it is that the rest of the elements, aluminum panels and bumper of your body have been redesigned to offer a much more differentiating aspect in this coupe version. In fact, there are several exterior design details that change in this version, in addition to the imposing profile of the set seen without the rear doors. From its new grille divided in two to the side air intakes, the material and tones used in the chrome and trims used throughout the vehicle. This whole set can be configured with a large number of finishes and customization options available in the company. There are more than 100 different exterior colors and an interior lined with two-tone leather with stitching, stitching and embroidery to choose from and even use of semiprecious metals in the finishes of the passenger compartment.

In relation to the interior, there is a spacious cabin where the main protagonism is the heated and chilled diamond-shaped seats, which can also be combined with trim, steering wheel and door panels in walnut and fig wood. The new vehicle, created by the manufacturer and its Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division, was conceived as the first full-size SUV coupe on the market and also as the most powerful in Land Rover history. Underneath the hood hides a huge 5.0-liter Supercharged V8 gasoline engine with 565 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque, which translates, despite its high weight, at a top speed of 266 km / h, being able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds. This is complemented by an ZF eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifts on the steering wheel and permanent all-wheel drive, plus an active rear differential and various driving modes: Dynamic, Eco, Comfort, Gravel, Clay and Sand. But despite your capabilities, you will not get off too much off the road. The British have worked on a suspension system that raises or reduces the height of the SV Coupe by up to 8 mm over the common Range Rover with dynamic enhancement effects. Also, and from 105 km / h, the height of the body in relation to the ground drops by 15 mm to increase the stability of the vehicle. Its price will be £ 300,000 and 999 copies will be manufactured, which will be assembled by hand at the SVO Technical Center in Warwickshire, UK.


The Land Rover Defender Project Tuki prepared by East Coast Defender is a model that represents the return to the classic. For those owners of a Land Rover Defender who want extra boldness, East Coast Defender has the solution. The American trainer, located in Florida (USA), worked on the Defender 110, modifying the vehicle to try to achieve the original aesthetics of the SUV. The exterior was painted with the color Keswick Green matching the white. The classic front grille and steel wheels are only the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the green hood of Project Tuki hides a retouched V8 engine, capable of generating 175 hp. As we said before, this is a creation inspired by the heritage of the brand. Its mechanics is coupled with a five-speed ZF automatic transmission. Inside, Defender’s classic style continues to stand out. The SUV features Panda Charcoal leather seats, a Nardi wood steering wheel, All American Nickle Series gauges and black leather everywhere. And there’s also the small details of modernity, such as the Kenwood infotainment system and a rear-view camera.

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